Drew Dwyer, former Marine and CIA operative, is with us this episode, plus we are absolutely honored to be joined by Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer. Dakota is an extremely humble guy as you’ll see from this episode, and he answers some tough questions. He talks about his charity work, meeting President Obama, being married to Bristol Palin, how he felt about Donald Trump’s comments regarding the Gold Star family of Captain Khan, NFL player Colin Kaepernick not standing during the national anthem, and of course what it’s like being a recipient of the Medal of Honor. You will surely be surprised by his feelings on receiving the Medal of Honor.

Drew Dwyer talks about his recently hanging out with Tanto and The Reaper, as well as what he’s up to with the SOFREP Crate Club. We talk the future of the site and the radio show, and also get into some funny stories you guys will like. Check it out, leave a review on iTunes, and also check out our Inside the Team Room podcast.