With Drew Dwyer joining us on this episode, we are completely honored to be joined by former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino. We have some fun talking about her being on Jeopardy, her dog Jasper, and one of her early jobs as a country music DJ. Beyond that, we also get into some much more serious topics, such as working in the George W. Bush administration and having to defend controversial topics such as the Iraq War and waterboarding.

We get some insight into President George W. Bush’s upcoming book comprised of portraits of wounded veterans, in which all proceeds will be donated to veterans charities. You can catch Dana on The Five on Fox News as well as on weekends with Perino & Stirewalt, which has a podcast as well. Also, be sure to check out Dana’s latest book, “Let Me Tell You about Jasper:…How My Best Friend Became America’s Dog.” Needless to say, Dana has an extremely busy schedule, so we can’t thank her enough for making time to talk to the SOFREP Radio audience.

Beyond this, we answer your emails sent to [email protected] and give a shout out to U.S. women’s chess champion Nazi Paikidze-Barnes, who is taking a stand, fighting the oppression of women in Iran, by refusing to wear a hijab during the upcoming women’s chess tournament taking place there.

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