Steve Balestrieri, former Green Beret and the editor/head writer of Hurricane Media site, joins us for the first time on SOFREP Radio.  Steve’s been listening to the show a while, so it’s long overdue that we bring him on.  As a self-described military history buff, he’s really excited to be working on a current project filming veterans of WWII, The Korean War, and Vietnam.  It’s important to him because we’re losing a lot of these guys and many of them never told their story, including Steve’s own father which he discusses.  If you or someone you know is a veteran of these wars and would like to take part in this project, he hopes to hear from you — email him at [email protected].

Steve also writes for, so of course I had to let him boast about the upcoming Super Bowl.  Plus, on that note, Steve wrote an excellent piece titled, “The NFL, The National Anthem, and The President Make an Explosive Mix” about the kneeling protests from the unique perspective of both a veteran and an NFL sports writer.  It received some backlash, but as we discuss, that’s to be expected when covering such a divisive issue in the media right now.  We also hear from friend of the show Gene Farnsworth.  So check it out and enjoy!