Jack Murphy just got back from Syria and got to sit down with President Bashir al-Assad, and today is Election Day 2016 in America, so there was no need for a guest this episode as there is plenty to discuss.  Jack goes in depth with how his trip to Syria went, as well as his strong viewpoint that the U.S. should be less interventionist in Syria than what is being widely proposed, and how he came to that conclusion.

For one last time we give our recap of the election and our reciprocal predictions for how this election will go.  We also answer your e-mails sent to [email protected].  Whether you’re for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, or Jill Stein…or of course, writing in Mike Ritland I should add (as some of our listeners already have done), it’s your right as a citizen to vote, so go ahead and exercise it.  Wishing all of you who have served a great Veterans Day later this week, and for those in the New York City area who can make it, Andrew Wilkow will be doing a live broadcast from Emmett O’Lunney’s on 210 W. 50th St. that many of the writers for the site will be at.  We’ll be raising money for veterans’ causes and of course, drinking some beers and celebrating our country’s heroes.  So come out, you are all invited.  For everyone else throughout the U.S. and overseas, SOFREP will be live streaming our charity boxing Remembrance Rumble of U.S. VS U.K. SOF, so be sure to check that out.