Tim Kennedy is our guest who will be fighting this Saturday, December 10th, at UFC 206 in Toronto against Kelvin Gastelum.  It’s Tim’s first fight in over two years, and it’s pretty awesome that we get him on the show during fight week.  Plus, there’s no one more well suited to co-host this show than another Green Beret and martial artist you all know by now, Jim West.  We hear how Tim Kennedy’s preparing, his strategy, and also his thoughts on the soon to be Defense Secretary, General Mattis.

Jim West is putting out some new weapons that you’ll hear all about, and he recently did a Youtube video showing you some of what’s in store.  You can check that out below.  Jim gives his analysis of the incoming Trump administration, an update on his memoir, and even tells us about a pretty heated discussion he got into recently…you know that’s gonna be fun to hear about.  I also give you an important update on the future of the show.  Keep the emails coming to [email protected], follow us on Twitter @SOFREPRadio, and please leave a review on iTunes, it’s important that we keep getting your reviews in to keep the show going strong.