Fresh off of SHOT Show, Jack Murphy and I are joined by Mark Miller and Erik Meisner.  Erik is a former Squad Leader for the 75th Ranger Regiment and writes for The Loadout Room.  Mark is a former Green Beret and the editor and a writer for The Arms Guide.  The Arms Guide is your go-to resource for learning about firearms, and The Loadout Room is the premiere site for hardcore gear and adventure.  Both are a part of Hurricane Group, and we don’t speak to the writers that do stellar work on these sites often enough, so we highly recommend that you check them out and also follow The Loadout Room and The Arms Guide on Twitter.  The four of us recap our experience at SHOT Show and what’s to come in the world of guns and gear in 2017.


I also got interviews at SHOT Show with our friends Terry Schappert and SOFREP writer James Powell.  I spoke to Michael Janich over at Spyderco as well.  Plus, we couldn’t forget to hear from some Team Room members over at the SOFREP party which took place at the House of Blues Foundation Room at the top of the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  We pack all of that content into this hour.  Thanks to all of you subscribers for your continued support.