From Gotham City, we have two crime fighters from DC Comics on this week.  That would be DC Comics illustrator Mitch Gerards, and comic book writer Tom King.  They both have some very impressive resumes but their most iconic project would be “Batman.”

If you’re wondering the connection to what we do, Tom is former a former CIA officer who was part of the counterterrorism unit.  He served in Iraq, and went on to later quit the job for his dream of writing comic books, which started with his debut novel, “A Once Crowded Sky.”  Another project these guys worked on jointly was “The Sheriff of Babylon,” which is focused around Christopher Henry, a former cop turned military contractor training a new Iraqi police force after the fall of Saddam Hussein’s reign of power.  Volume 1 of that graphic novel dropped in the fall, and “The Sheriff of Babylon Volume 2: Pow Pow Pow” is now available for pre-order and will be out tomorrow from select outlets.  We find out from the guys how they’ve perfected their art, and how they handle the pressure of working on a series of arguably the most iconic character of all time.  We also dig into what you guys are asking as we answer some emails sent to [email protected].