This episode of SOFREP Radio with Brandon Webb back in studio, we start off talking Big Mountain Heroes with some of the guys back in one piece from skiing and snowboarding the French, Swiss, and Italian Alps, former Army Sniper Nick Betts, and former Army Ranger Leo Jenkins.  For those not up to speed, Big Mountain Heroes is an upcoming documentary showing veterans making a positive transition by embracing living an active lifestyle and pushing the message “thrills before pills.”  You can hear more about it on our Kickstarter and check out the video preview, plus there are some kick ass incentives for those who donate to help with the post production of the film.


We’re also joined by our friend Kris Paronto who elaborates on his article on The Daily Caller, “Benghazi Survivor: Nunes Can Do The Job, And Schiff Should Help Or Shut Up.”  The article gives his take on some of the recent happenings in Congress and in the Trump administration, with Tanto’s own experience working with Rep. Devin Nunes who he considers a friend and a fighter.  Kris’s book “The Ranger Way: Living the Code On and Off the Battlefield” also drops next month and is available for preorder.


We end with some news at the site, including the launch of the much anticipated SOFREP app for Android users.  Brandon talks his trip to Cuba, and we also give a well-deserved Throat Punch of the Week.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @SOFREPRadio for all the latest.