While Jack Murphy is on his way back from South Korea, two favorites of the show are back for a part two of their talk, Matt Larsen and Jim West dig deep into their expertise in martial arts.  For those who haven’t checked out their previous episode or aren’t familiar with their backgrounds, Jim is former Special Forces, Matt who owns Matt Larsen’s Combat Fitness Center in Springfield, Virginia is a former Marine and Army Ranger, and these men have decades of experience in the martial arts field.  You’ll hear stories of bar room brawls, what makes a good martial arts training school, and what they’d suggest for beginners looking into self-defense.


We get an update from Jim on the girl he was training, as well as an update on his defense multi-tool The Badger, and also get into e-mail sent to [email protected] from the listeners.  There’s also some tragic news we let you know about regarding recent combat related deaths of American special operators overseas.  We hope you guys are digging how these shows are sounding from the new studio in Chelsea, New York. As a direct result, we’ve upped our game on the consistent sound quality!