First order of business that I wanted you the listeners to know, as you can see, the shows we tape each Thursday will no longer be labelled “Members Only” like the previous four episodes we did from our new studio.  Reason being, we want our non-subscribers to the site listening on Apple Podcasts and elsewhere to get a taste of what you the members are currently getting with all of this great content, by giving them a shorter sample of these members shows.  Have no fear, you guys who are Team Room and paying members to the site will get these episodes before everyone else in their entirety and as always, ad free.

With that out of the way, Brandon and I really enjoyed having military fiction author and Brigadier General A.J. Tata, who goes by Tony, in studio with us.  His latest book is “Besieged” and it’s the third book in the Jake Mahegan series.  It’s out now, and Tony gives us the inspiration behind the book and Mahegan, the protagonist of the series, who is a Delta Force operator.  We also get the General’s perspective on combating Islamic terror after the recent attack on Manchester in the U.K.  Kathy Griffin gets our weekly throat punch, and Brandon reacts to the Tiger Woods arrest. It’s all on this edition of SOFREP Radio.