A lot of you seemed to enjoy SOFREP writer and Marine Alex Hollings’ first appearance on the show, so we decided to bring him back.  First order of business though, Derek Gannon hops on, Green Beret and our go-to expert on Africa for an important update on the deadly car bombing that took place outside of a police station in Mogadishu.  Derek gets in-depth with what’s happening in the region as always, getting into the details that the mainstream media won’t tell you.

Alex covers some other major news including the continued unstable relations between the U.S. and Russia, as well as Oliver Stone‘s nauseating praise of Vladimir Putin as he promotes his four-hour documentary.  We also talk about the current and more scary combat techniques of ISIS.  Alex is writing great material for the site every day, so keep an eye out for his work, and be sure to follow his Facebook page for his latest updates.