First we hope that all of you enjoyed the long July 4th Independence Day weekend, and as you may know, to celebrate this we have opened up the paywall on making all articles free until the weekend so tell a friend!  Hopefully some of your colleagues and family get hooked and join us here as Team Room members, getting all of the great exclusive content only found right here.  Our writers are putting in work every day to get you the veterans perspective on breaking news, as well as some great investigative pieces.

This show, we decided to switch it up, and with all of the great archived audio from Inside the Team Room, I put together a best of with some of your favorite guests to the show, as well as guys we’ve never had on SOFREP Radio.  I even threw in a clip of the legendary Chris Kyle from the first ever Inside the Team Room which is no longer available anywhere.  Included in here are clips of each of the Inside the Team Rooms which includes Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, SF, and more.  Some of the big names you’ll hear on these include Nick Irving, Drago, Mike Ritland, Jason Delgado, Jim West, and so many more.  Sirius XM host Andrew Wilkow even made an appearance as he hosted Inside the Team Room: Green Berets.

You can hear the rest of this content on our separate Apple Podcasts feed for Inside the Team Rooms.  If you want the video footage of this, we have that as well for SOFREP TV subscribers, and its many hours of kick ass content you’re going to love.  So, subscribe to that feed on Apple Podcasts, and be sure to leave a review.  We’ll be back next episode with our usual content and have a lineup of great guests coming on as Jack Murphy hosts for the month of July.