Joining us for the first time on the program is Colonel Mark Boyatt, the highly respected former Commander of 3rd Special Forces Group.  Mark is the author of “Special Forces: A Unique Asset,” a book that Jack Murphy reviewed last year and was extremely impressed by.  You’ll see why that is once you hear Colonel Boyatt’s strategies for fighting terrorism, and also nation building.  He makes a great case as he lays out failed strategies of the past, criticizes the U.S.’s history of arming the wrong groups, and gives effective ideas of what needs to change going forward in relation to the U.S. and how it should operate on a global scale.

We also of course touch on the latest controversy with mention of the ban on transgender people in the military issued by President Trump, and check out e-mail sent to [email protected].  Be sure to keep up with what we’re up to as well on both Twitter and Instagram @SOFREPRadio which we update on a daily basis.