Danielle Bizier is a former intelligence specialist and instructor who’s worked in the Defense Intelligence Agency, and she joins us in studio as Jack Murphy hosts this informative, entertaining, and at times laugh-out-loud hilarious episode of SOFREP Radio.  Danielle personally worked in intelligence with Edward Snowden, which she wrote an article for us at SOFREP.com on.  She even made a recommendation for him long before any of us heard that name.  Find out what her experience was working with Snowden, and her immediate reaction to learning that her former colleague had leaked massive amounts of classified NSA documents.

With Snowden’s working with the Chinese of course, we then get into the subject of China, which Danielle has vast knowledge and stories on.  Danielle currently works as a consultant on the private side for Black Site International, and we hope to have her back on.  You can check out some behind the scenes pictures from this episode in studio on our Instagram @SOFREPRadio.