Clocking in at well over two hours of unfiltered talk, this very well may be the longest episode of SOFREP Radio ever recorded (any members care to fact-check me on that?)  Well, with the horrifying events that took place in Charlottesville this past weekend, having Kristin Beck back on the show for the first time in years, and Jason Delgado making an unplanned in studio appearance, the time really flew by.

Derek Gannon hosts this episode, and we start off with Frumentarius to react to what went down in Charlottesville, Virginia.  From there, we get into Derek’s latest piece “Disavowed: White Nationalist and ex-Green Beret part of Charlottesville violence.”  We also get a listener’s reaction to the chaos and highly criticized response from President Trump after the rally, sent to [email protected].

Former SEAL Kristin Beck joins us as our special guest this episode as we continue the discussion.  We then get into several topics with Kristin including alternative treatment for veterans with combat related traumatic brain injury (something that Kristin has experienced,) Kristin’s work leading up to the raid on Bin Laden, getting more combat veterans involved in politics, and the issue of those who identify as transgender in the military.  A lot of ground covered on this one!