Joining Jason Delgado and myself in studio is Ami Toben, author of “Surveillance Zone: The Hidden World of Corporate Surveillance Detection & Covert Special Operations.”  Ami grew up on a kibbutz in Israel, and got conscripted into the IDF. He moved on from there he has been working in private sector security, in particular for the tech industry in the Silicon Valley region.  He currently does security work for his company HighCom Security Services.  Ami’s line of work is considerably different than many of the security personnel we’ve had on in the past, in that he normally works unarmed.  We get into why it’s important when working to protect tech gurus in that region to blend in with the public, and the crucial importance of situational awareness.  Ami also talks about where his martial arts background in Aikido comes into play.  We also discuss the Barcelona terrorist attack as the news broke on this while we were recording, and also get into some of the history with Israeli leadership.