Many of us enjoyed watching Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Conor McGregor, the competitiveness was a surprise to a lot of the viewing audience, and who better to give a recap of what went down than Special Forces decorated veteran Jim West?  After all, Jim has trained boxers and some of the early UFC fighters like Steven “3D” Graham.  As a student of boxing and MMA, Jim gives his take as we sit down with Jason Delgado, and Jim tells us why he wasn’t at all surprised by the result.

We get into the news with North Korea’s missile launch over Japan, as well as domestic news with protests by groups like Antifa.  Jim gives some words of inspiration that you can use, and Jason Delgado also lets you know that if you’re in the area of Hondo, TX, he’ll be around September 23-24 teaching a long-range precision rifle course.  So if you ever wanted to get a lesson from a combat tested Marine Scout Sniper and MARSOC instructor, now is your chance, so don’t miss out on it.  You can see the details of that at  Last, we send our thoughts and prayers to another area of Texas, and that’s Houston, currently dealing with the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.  We know there are many patriots out there, and whether you can donate your money, or even do some on the ground volunteer work in the area, we think that’d be a great thing to do for this area in dire need.