It’s been over 100 episodes since we’ve had our Greek SOF veteran writer Vasilis A.K.A. Bill on.  Coincidentally, the last time we covered Turkey shooting down a Russian plane, and we start this episode off with the news of Turkey buying the S-400 missile system from Russia in a deal for nearly $2 billion.  From there we get the Greek perspective on news that Vasilis has been covering, including the rise of self-described “anti-fascist” groups in America which Europe has seen the spread of for decades prior, as well as what Vasilis would describe as the myth that Europe is somehow less racist than the U.S.  We also debate his article which received both positive and critical feedback from SOFREP readers, “Nazis are leftists?  Not so fast.”

The SOF community is more than just the U.S. and Britain, so it’s great to get a perspective that we don’t often hear.  We also get into Bill’s background serving in both the 35th Mountain Raiders Battalion, and the Zeta amphibious raiders battalion, with Bill going on to work in private security after that.  From there, we dig into some of the tradition of Greek military service from mandatory conscription, to their state-wide religion being a part of the Greek Orthodox Church, and how that injects itself into military culture.  We hope that you enjoy hearing an outside view, and be sure to follow Bill on Twitter and Instagram.