One might think that after a decade having served in the Marine Corps, you’d have all the confidence in the world to take on whatever job opportunity comes next.  When that next job you’re applying for however is in the CIA, and you’re being stacked up against a highly impressive lineup of candidates ranging from special ops veterans to Ivy League educated men and women, you might have your doubts.  That’s the position that our writer James Powell found himself in, and he joins us in studio to talk about that process, as well as his time prior in the Marine Corps.  James talks about how making a situation right even when it’s someone else’s screw-up could help land you the job, in addition to his personal experience applying for the CIA and having to deal with keeping it a secret from practically everyone but your spouse.

We also get into some recent news stories including the mother of Abu Tayeh, the murderer of three U.S. Green Berets, claiming that her son was awarded a medal from the Jordanian government after the killings; as well as the recent death of Stanislav Petrov, the Soviet Officer who made the correct call in hesitating to attack the U.S. after a computer error that could have resulted in annihilation.  It’s a fascinating story of cooler heads prevailing that anyone can use in their own life.  We’re enjoying having more great guests join us in studio, and as always, welcome your questions and feedback to [email protected], and of course follow us @SOFREPRadio on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.