This past winter, a group of veterans along with two filmmakers and an avid skier, set out on a journey to ski and snowboard the alps of Europe.  This was not just an expedition for fun, but served the purpose of illustrating the concept of “thrills before pills” to combat the prevalence of prescription drug abuse among combat veterans.  Brandon Webb wrangled this crew of guys together to set out on the time of their lives, and also create an educational and entertaining documentary that both the veteran and civilian community will really dig.  Tonight, these guys are here in New York City to catch the premiere, and see the product of their work for the first time.

Director of Media at Hurricane Group Nick Cahill joins us for the whole show as we speak to Leo Jenkins (Army Ranger medic,) Isaiah Burkhart (Army Ranger sniper,) Nick Betts (Army sniper,) Benn Whitney (Skier,) and Matt Hardy (cinematographer.)  Each guy joins us for a few minutes at a time and gives us their unique take on “Big Mountain Heroes.”  For those who donated on Kickstarter, we’re excited to get out to you the materials for your pledges, and for the rest of you, stay on the lookout for a wider release.