This week marked the annual meetings for Hurricane Group in NYC, discussing the future of the company, and our individual goals with what we do. One big change I wanted to let you all know about, and that many of you will be happy to hear, we will continue to do two shows each week in their entirety with SOFREP Radio, as well as Brandon Webb’s The Power of Thought podcast. Additionally, these shows will now be free to hear immediately on the SOFREP app as well as Apple Podcasts and elsewhere.  We decided on this change for many reasons, but we want to continue to expand on the listener base that we have.  For those who signed up as members of the podcast as we experimented with this format over the past half year, we greatly appreciate it.  I would encourage those of you in that camp to become full-fledged Team Room members and check out all of the great content that the guys you hear on SOFREP Radio are regularly working on.  If not, we hope you continue to listen, and if you run into any issues with your current membership, feel free to email me personally at [email protected], and I’ll be sure to forward you over to the right place now that we have an incredible customer service team at the company.

With that, our new managing editor, a man of mystery, The Odyssean joined me in studio while he was in town for the meetings.  And believe it or not, we live streamed, which you can check out, but he was sure to keep his identity concealed.  For those not in the know, The Odyssean has worked in Army intelligence, as well as on the private side doing work in Japan for many years.  For this show, we discuss how important music can be for the operator working in an unfamiliar environment.  We also hear a story of T.O. creating a go-bag for a friend, and the importance of being prepared.  That’s something we always stress to our Crate Club members.