Jason Delgado hangs with me for this episode, as we not only celebrate his birthday, but also interview special guest Jeff Gonzales.  We hear from Jason about what goes into promoting a brand new book, which includes doing a plethora of media interviews, as well as putting together two kick ass release parties that he recaps for us.  Jason talks about the importance of glorifying the men he served with in the Marines Corps, and not being interested in whether or not he was one of the best at his job.

Special guest is Jeff Gonzales, a guy we haven’t heard from since back at SHOT Show 2015, so it was nice to catch up with an old favorite to our audience.  Jeff is a former SEAL and runs his own firearms training facility, Trident Concepts.  We hear from him, as well as Jason, as to what makes a great shooting instructor, and what he looks for in his guys.  We talk disaster preparedness, and also of course have to ask him about what it was like to shoot with the infamous Alex Jones after he posted a picture with him on Instagram at the range.

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