“I didn’t get a job as an internet writer to wear pants.”

You’ll hear this among some other great words of wisdom on this episode from former Marine and current full-time SOFREP writer Alex Hollings as he talks “Old Man Fitness.”  That’s the column he’s been doing every few days, though I do have to ask Alex as we discuss the articles, why the title as an extremely active and young 32-year-old man?

We hear about him attending a screening of the movie “Thank You for Your Service” which he just reviewed, as well as sitting down with writer/director Jason Hall, the film’s star Miles Teller, and Adam Schumann; the man who Teller portrayed in the film.  From there, we have an honest conversation about market saturation of military books and films that we’d love to hear your feedback on.  We also get into the JFK assassination files scheduled to become declassified later this month, and check our emails sent to [email protected].  Stay tuned next episode for a major announcement regarding the future of the podcast!