We always love hearing from great friend to the show Kris Paronto, but we especially were interested in hearing what he had to say about the capturing of Mustafa al-Imam by special operations forces and FBI agents earlier this week.  al-Imam is being called one of the key militants in the 2012 Benghazi consulate attack that Kris survived.  You’ll hear the way that Kris would handle the situation, and if this news gives him any real sense of closure.  Kris has also launched a firearms tactical training company with fellow Benghazi survivor Dave “Boon” Benton, called Battleline Tactical, and they are going all around the country giving their expertise for anyone interested in learning from two experienced veterans and former contractors.

Also, to celebrate the 242nd anniversary of the United States Marine Corps, Jason will be at his tattoo shop, Black Attic Tattoo, signing copies of his book “Bounty Hunter 4/3.”  He hopes to see some SOFREP supporters come out and hang.  Keep your emails coming to [email protected], and leave a review for us on iTunes.