SOFREP writer and Green Beret, Derek Gannon, is back on the show in full force–you guys are in for a real deep dive into some serious special operations military history.  Derek breaks down the involvement of Special Forces being embedded in Africa for the past 50 years.  We talk about the sudden media attention on the region after four Green Berets were killed in Niger, as well as the travel ban (which includes some suspicious reasoning behind why the country of Chad is on that list).  It involves some of the history of the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.  You also need to check out the petition Derek has started at titled, “Stop issuance of the Green Beret to the U.S. Army 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade.”  Now standing at 88,000 signatures, it has gotten the attention of some higher ups in the chain of command, and Derek gets into that too.

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