Can you believe it?  Episode 300.  I can’t thank all of you enough who have taken this journey with us over the past five years.  It’s been an honor and a privilege having so many awesome voices come on here, as well as meeting the listeners over the years.  All of us, Brandon, Jack, Jason, myself and everyone else involved greatly appreciates all of you.  This episode does not disappoint, as we bring on Marine Jon Schneider, Marine Scout Sniper Joel Ortega, and wrap up with a special in-studio guest and a long time friend to some of the the guys on the site, Navy SEAL Steve Ralston.

Jason Delgado and I start off giving a recap of Andrew Wilkow‘s Vet Ride 2017, a very successful fundraiser that was broadcast on Sirius XM with over $20,000 raised in-house for The Red Circle Foundation, Horses for Heroes, Wishes for Warriors and Operation Chillout.  On the other side of the pond, SOFREP TV held our second annual Remembrance Rumble of U.S. Marines squaring off against Brtish S.A.S., one of those Marines being Jon Schneider.  Jon joins us to talk about the event, and more importantly the atmosphere of pride and thankfulness of the British people as they celebrated Remembrance Day/Veterans Day in the U.K.

Special guest Joel Ortega comes on from there, live from Puerto Rico.  We hear the situation on the ground, get into some war stories and hear about Joel’s affinity for legendary sniper Chuck Mawhinney.  Joel is currently a woodworker and has started a speakeasy bar in Puerto Rico called Timber and Blues.

Last, we cover the disturbing advancements in the death of Logan Melgar allegedly by the hands of two members of SEAL Team 6, and the recent story about this in The Daily Beast.  We hear the take of former SEAL, Steve Ralston, as he joins us.  Let us know your feedback on anything by emailing us at [email protected] and leave us a review on iTunes.