*Note: This episode was previously released in May to our members.*

Not only is Terry Schappert a recently retired Green Beret Master Sergeant, but he’s also a trained actor and a fan of Hollywood action movies.  That’s why he’s a natural fit on the Outdoor Channel‘s show “Hollywood Weapons” where the sniper re-creates famous shots in movies in full costume, and he’s even sure to get his lines right just how it happened in the movies.  The show is the brainchild of famous actor/producer Joe Mantegna who Schappert describes as a patriot, gun enthusiast and all around great guy.

Terry gets into the whole experience with us, but also in studio co-hosting with me is Jack Murphy, who just got back from South Korea and the Philippines and we hear all about that exciting trip.  Jack talks about what it was like exploring the tunnels, the food and the overall attitude of the population in the regions.  We talk about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, as well as President Assad who, as you may remember, Jack got to meet with one on one during his trip to Syria.  We cover a lot of bases on this episode with two highly educated Green Berets and you’re going to like their takes on what’s going on all around the world!