Going back to Steve Ralston’s commentary for SOFREP TV’s “Inside the Team Room: Cut from the Same Cloth” up to his more recent appearance on Episode 300, you guys have wanted to hear more wisdom from Ralston, and we delivered.  For the first time, Steve gets into some extremely disturbing details of a very unconventional childhood and adolescence leading up to his time in the SEALs.  The story is one that he lived in fear of coming to light for many years.  Steve’s story however is one of triumph and overcoming adversity, and you do not want to miss it.  It may just be that inspirational kick in the ass you need to conquer your own demons.  You can follow Steve on Instagram @RalstonSte and stare in awe at the incredible New York City skyline view from his bedroom.

We also check our email ([email protected]), and talk some recent happenings in the special operations community; namely the lowering of standards in the Green Berets written at length for the free piece on SOFREP.com, “Careerism, cronyism, and malfeasance in the Special Warfare Center.”  Steve also addresses some of the criticism his colleagues in the Teams have received for writing books and starting successful business ventures.  We’re looking forward to having Steve back on again soon.