I just have got to say it, this may be one of the most interesting guests to ever come on the podcast.  When it comes to taking part in CIA operations that have truly influenced the course of modern-day American history, and world history at large, few have the experience of Mr. Jack Devine.  Starting his career with the Agency from the late 60’s and into the 90’s, Jack was there for major global events like Iran-Contra, the fall of Chile’s President, and the fight to push the Soviets out of Afghanistan.  Jack was also a close personal friend of Charlie Wilson who he describes as a patriot, and labels the film “Charlie Wilson’s War” to be much more a work of fiction than most would have you believe.

We get Devine’s take on current events and figures like Edward Snowden, the investigation of former FBI director Robert Mueller, as well as the Iran nuclear deal and the dangers of a nuclear capable North Korea.  Devine is currently the President of The Arkin Group, and his latest book is “Good Hunting: An American Spymaster’s Story.”  You’ll hear the shift Jack has seen of former CIA veterans going public, as well as the scary trend of guys with phony credentials claiming CIA experience and being given major platforms in the media.  Strap in, because you’re about to learn a whole lot from this man.