We had to start off Episode 325 with our Marine Corps veteran writer Nick Coffman after hearing the news on MARSOC 7.  For the past couple of years, Nick’s been working hard to get out the truth behind the story of alleged war crimes at the hands of MARSOC in Afghanistan that we now know never happened.  Nick interviewed the guys that were there, and on this podcast we even interviewed Maj. Fred Galvin and Lt. Col. Steve Morgan.  Well, Nick is excited to say that these men are now exonerated thanks to the work of Congressman Walter Jones and some other key players, but more work needs to be done which Nick outlines with us.  Be sure to check out his work on SOFREP as well as The Loadout Room.

We follow up with our featured guest, Shannon Miller.  A friend of SOFREP writer James Powell, Shannon has over ten years of experience in the security and intelligence industries as a government contractor, diplomat, trainer and analyst.  Shannon now works as the CEO of her own security company, Lock Down Your Life.  She’s very astute on the happenings in Korea, and with the current Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, it made for a perfect time to hear Shannon’s analysis on the region at large.  We talk Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump, the threat of nuclear war, and yes folks, I couldn’t help myself but to talk some Dennis Rodman as I often do when we get on this subject.  We hope you enjoy, and if you do we ask that you leave a five-star review on Apple Podcasts; we read them all and love hearing your feedback.  It’s very simple to do right on the app.