Ten shows back on Episode 321, our friend Steve Balestrieri who’s the head writer and editor at SpecialOperations.com told us about his work interviewing combat veterans from some of the older wars.  I wanted to bring him on for an update on that.  I’ve always loved getting older vets on tell their stories whether it’s Jerry Yellin who joined Brandon on The Power of Thought podcast, or Jim Downing who recently left us.  They’re all unfortunately leaving us as the years go by, so getting them to open up with their heroic stories on film is something that Steve and the rest of us at Hurricane Group greatly appreciate.

SpecialOperations.com for those that don’t know is Hurricane Group‘s site covering the history of our operators.  Steve has been writing some excellent pieces over there that we hope you check out.  These include “Operation Halyard, one of the great rescue stories of WWII,” “On this day in 2016, Navy SEAL Edward Byers Awarded Medal of Honor,” and “Operation Anaconda, began on this date, March 2-10, 2002 in Afghanistan.”  So, head over to that site, and learn your roots!

I’d also urge you to head over to The Power of Thought podcast hosted by Brandon Webb to get your audio fix.  We just posted a killer interview with none other than Robert O’Neill, the UBL shooter from DEVGRU/SEAL Team 6.