We start off the podcast with editor-in-chief Jack Murphy discussing both some of the criticism and praise we’ve received over SOFREP.com posting footage of the killing of Green Berets in Niger by ISIS. This controversy is by no means something that we take lightly, and Jack wanted to be frank with the audience of why this decision was made. More can be read on this in Jack’s post “Why we published the Niger video.”

Our special guest this show is none other than All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte. ATR is celebrating their 20th year as a band, and many of you loved their video for the song “Madness” featuring Kris Paronto which raised awareness for post-traumatic stress related issues in combat veterans as well as soldier suicide. Phil shares some great stories of coming up touring with bands like Five Finger Death Punch (who he’s filled in for on vocals) and Motograter (a name you may remember if you were into the nu-metal scene about 15 years back.) Not only is Phil an accomplished musician though, he’s also a former Marine and a gun store owner. He was even at SHOT Show which we discuss, and he recently got some attention for the video on his Youtube channel talking the issue of gun control after the Florida school shooting.

After wrapping with Phil we pay our respects to WWII fighter pilot Jerry Yellin, who flew the last combat mission over Japan. We just recently found out of his passing at 93. Brandon Webb however did have the fortune of interviewing Jerry just recently on The Power of Thought (Episode 13) which is very worth checking out. Then, we give out a Throat Punch of the Week for the first time in a while. We appreciate all the well thought out feedback in these past few days, and those that are having a respectful discussion about some very serious issues, we encourage that.