Former Delta Force operator George E. Hand IV has become a favorite of SOFREP readers.  Truly a wealth of knowledge, hearing George share his current work in helping law enforcement to fight human trafficking is not only interesting, but informative in a way that you, the listener, may find yourself helpful in joining the fight.  He lays out some of the signs he sees from the tattoos these women have, to small details he’ll notice in photos posted as ads by these traffickers for erotic services.

The overbearing theme George stresses comes down to what he labels as unnatural behavior.  These operations are happening all over, and likely near your own town.  It is by no means a victim-less crime, and you’ll learn why on this episode.  Jack and I also cover some news, and one particular comment that we felt needed to be heard by the father of a Green Beret killed in action.  You can follow George on Twitter @GeorgeEHandIV.  He’s also written some stellar articles over the years that we hope you’re inspired to dig through them if you haven’t done so already.