Never in the history of SOFREP Radio has there been a more requested guest in my experience than Pat McNamara.  We were glad to deliver.  On this episode, the former Delta Force operator and tactical shooting Youtube sensation gets down and dirty.  We get some stories out of him including a HALO jump right before his retirement where a woman crossed his line and Pat was not happy about it; as well as training in some boxing with fellow Delta Force operator George Hand.  Pat also talks shooting and training tactics, and why he is not a particular fan of knife fighting.  Pat’s also a metalhead, and just a few nights ago he got to catch Judas Priest on tour at Nassau Coliseum in NY.  Pat gives a pretty epic recap of it that you won’t want to miss.

Pat’s company is TMACS Inc. and if you want to learn some truly effective firearms skills, he’s the man to take a course from.  You can see a schedule of where he’s teaching on his website store, and you can also grab a signed copy of his book “Sentinel.”  You can also follow Pat on Instagram @TMacsInc which he is very active on.  The man’s even got his own line of Invader Coffee through Rogue American Apparel.  A real treat hearing some intense words from a legend in the SOF community, we know you’ll enjoy it.