We begin this episode with the most important topic at hand right now, last week’s bombings of Syria. Jack comes from an interesting perspective on this because as some of you may remember, two years back he was invited along with a group of select journalists to sit down with President Assad in Syria and have a discussion which we covered. We also cover two recent articles on SOFREP.com by Jack Murphy, “When a Marine Recon patrol got into a firefight with an American Viet Cong” detailing the bizarre and secretive story of former Marine Bob Garwood, and “The Philippines stands up a true Special Operations Command for the first time,” a long-standing dream of General Pamonag who Jack got to sit down with in the Philippines last year.

We welcome back Curtis Albers to hear how he hopes to progress on getting his story out, detailed on Episode 311, growing up an abused foster kid, becoming an Army Ranger, and some of the demons that continued to follow him along the way. We also talk race relations in special operations, and we have some laughs. We end the podcast paying our respects to the great R. Lee Ermey, not just a man who played a Marine in “Full Metal Jacket,” but lived it in real life. He will be missed.