This one is a truly in-depth interview with more subject matter covered than I can list. Jim Morris tells us about being a Green Beret during an era where it wasn’t looked at with the reverence that it is today. He shares stories of the Tet Offensive, seen by the men he served with as a great victory, and portrayed in the opposite light by the media. Jim talks coming home, and transitioning to media himself working for publications like “Soldier of Fortune” and writing eight books including his best known title “War Story.” Morris also discusses dealing with the horrors of war as he transitioned to civilian life, and taking an unconventional route in healing from combat as he delved deep into the study of Tolec Shamanism, completing two rigorous apprenticeships.

We also take the time to answer a lot of emails. We’re glad to be getting so many great questions and if you keep sending them, we’ll continue addressing them. Anything you’d like us to address on-air, it’s [email protected]. We’ve really enjoyed digging into the origin stories of the men from this generation in some recent episodes, and Jim Morris did not disappoint.