John Stryker Meyer was most recently on with us back in July of last year and he has since put out another new book titled “SOG Chronicles: Volume One.” The book details the story of him and the Special Forces teammates of his who served as MACV-SOG in Vietnam. As John says, he hopes to keep writing more of these books and this first one in the series is getting a tremendous response. John also continues to fight for the often times forgotten issue of POWs from his era and the lack of action on this matter in recent decades has been frankly embarrassing.

Jack Murphy and I also get into some other topics. These include feminism, gender, “toxic masculinity,” and the effects of technological advancement on the entertainment industry. I also share a bizarre dream I had, most likely sparked by the latest interview with Paul Scharre on the podcast. Pick up John’s book, and also be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.

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