The title of this episode may have some of you puzzled, wondering if we’ve gone off the deep end. However, there is some surprising research being done using MDMA (ecstasy) therapy on combat veterans, and it’s in the early stages of proving to be very effective. Pulitzer prize winning writer on veterans affairs David Philipps recently put out a piece titled “Ecstasy as a Remedy for PTSD? You Probably Have Some Questions” for The New York Times. Dave joins us to get into the findings of studies being done, who is funding them, and where he sees this going. I can promise you’ll learn something new after listening.

We also tackle the crucial foreign policy news of the past week. This includes the freeing of three American detainees being held in North Korea, and them meeting with President Trump, as well as the crushing of the Iran nuclear deal. We also discuss the strong possibility of Gina Haspel becoming the first female CIA director, and the strong praise she’s received from the likes of Jack Devine, a SOFREP Radio favorite, in his piece for NBC News.  That piece is titled “Gina Haspel says CIA won’t restart its torture program. Congress should believe – and confirm – her.”