Alex Hollings‘s “Old Man Fitness” column here on SOFREP has gained a sizable following, and we often get asked when he’ll be back on with us to discuss, and so we delivered. We talk personal fitness goals, but as usual with Alex, we dive into a whole lot more. We talk about a breaking controversial story of Australian SASR soldiers flying a Swastika flag. That gets us into another recent story of a National Guard officer stealing an armored personnel carrier, driving it off base, and leading police on a two-hour chase. We talk about disaster preparedness, and in particular how urban environments would respond VS rural areas. We react to Trump saluting a North Korean general (a huge topic of conversation as this week ends.) Plus, we also get into some social justice warrior talk. Needless to say, a lot is covered, and we had a lot of fun on this two-hour hang. We hope you enjoy.