SOFREP Radio is normally a spotlight interview show highlighting some amazing things happening with individuals in the veteran community, and telling their stories. This show, however, is not that. There’s been a surge of left wing activists in the veteran populace, many of whom attended Jack’s alma mater Columbia University, and many of which also write for Task & Purpose. These #WokeVets or social justice warriors as we’ll refer to them as, have attacked Jack Murphy and SOFREP in the past, and Jack decided to give a well researched exposé response in the form of this podcast.

Some of the major issues tackled here are Task & Purpose CEO Zach Iscol’s ties to the Clinton family, which explains their glowing coverage of Hillary. We also get into comments made in a leaked private chat log by Alexander McCoy and other writers from Task & Purpose. As Jack puts it this episode, he is by no means the PC police, nor is he politically correct, but if you’re going to posture as being such, you’d better be consistent. Strap in for this one!