Doing this show, we meet some guys with incredibly interesting backgrounds. However, Todd Opalski’s history is particularly unique, making the transition from serving in the Marine Corps as an Officer, a Marine Scout Sniper, and a part of Force Reconnaissance, to then going into the Army and being an Assault Commander in the Special Missions Unit. Prior to that, Todd was also a natural bodybuilder. After leaving the military, Todd transitioned to the tech world in Silicon Valley. So, you may wonder, where does one go from there? Todd has a pretty awesome plan for 2019 to open Camp Zen Commando in Costa Rica. Zen Commando plans on instructing people in a wide array of skills from self-defense to yoga. Todd’s even looking for some people to help him on this journey which he gets into with us. Enjoy this great in-studio interview, and be sure to leave a review on Apple Podcasts when you’re done with it.