There is no disputing that the top dog of the military thriller genre today is Brad Thor, and it’s an honor to have him back on the show. Brad comes by to not only celebrate American independence with us, but also the amazing feat of releasing his 18th book, and the latest of the Scot Harvath series, “Spymaster.” We ask how he’s manages to keep readers entertained pumping out a new book every single year that always lands at the top of the New York Times bestseller list. As Thor puts it, his boss is not the publisher, but the readers themselves, and he takes their feedback very seriously with each new release.

“Spymaster” is heavily influenced by the current extreme tension between the U.S. and Russia, and Russia’s invasion of Crimea. As we discuss this, we dive into some other hot topics such as the attempted democratization of other nations by the U.S., mainstream media fear-mongering, entitlement benefits in the U.S. versus European countries, and of course Thor’s open criticism of President Donald Trump from a conservative standpoint. I ask Thor about his supposed campaign to unseat Trump in 2020, and if he was for real when he announced it…find out what he says. We also get into the origin of the hilarious photo of Governor Chris Christie reading Thor’s last book “Use of Force” on the beach with his family when he shut the state’s beaches down to the mere peasants of New Jersey. If you’re listening to July 4th, as Brad Thor states, being the son of a Marine, he understands the sacrifice of our military, and this day is very special to him. We hope you are enjoying it as well wherever you are, as you check out this in-depth interview with one of the greats.