In this current age of political correctness, there are not a lot of novels out there for young adults with pro-American and pro-military values. As a patriot, Scott McEwen decided to fill this niche in releasing his latest book “Camp Valor” with Hof Williams. McEwen, best known for co-writing the best-selling memoir turned Hollywood blockbuster “American Sniper,” has been releasing a lot of work as of late.  This includes the “Sniper Elite” books and co-authoring Ryan Zinke’s memoir “American Commander,” — he last joined us on Episode 226 to discuss the memoir with Zinke, shortly prior to Zinke becoming the Secretary of the Interior.

Scott joins us in studio again, and we talk about the shift in American values and political correctness, as well as his close relationship to Ryan Zinke, and his memories with Chris Kyle. In addition to that, we continue with what we are now calling our “Woketard of the Week” segment. Also, Jack Murphy is taking a long vacation to Europe, so we say bye for now. I’ll be here though, and we plan on bringing you plenty of great guests until Murph is back in September.