Back in March of 2014, Sean Spoonts wrote an excellent article for SOFREP that gained a great deal of traction titled, “Alright, Goodnight – Does Malaysia Want to Know What Happened to Flight MH-370?” As some of you may remember, a great deal of conspiracy theories immediately surrounded what happened to that infamous flight, and they have not gone away due to the lack of any sufficient evidence that we can draw much of a conclusion from. For example, Fox News contributor and former Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, who has a history of making outrageous claims, spoke of the plane likely landing in Pakistan with nothing to back up that assertion. The great mystery of where this plane was sparked the idea for Sean to get together with two experts and refute some of the speculation out there using facts. To this day, the piece holds up.

Fast forward to now — the Malaysian government plans to release a new report on the flight this coming Monday. With good reason, Sean is skeptical. So, since Sean was in town to work on some upcoming promotion for Brandon Webb’s next book “Mastering Fear,” I got him in studio to lay out all of the facts. For those unfamiliar, Sean’s been a friend of the site since it’s very inception, and his military background is with the Navy as an anti-submarine warfare operator and search and rescue Aircrewman. Sean and I also talk some current events, which includes the disgraceful destruction of a memorial to fallen Navy SEAL Michael Murphy on Long Island, New York. SOFREP is holding a raffle to benefit the Lt. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation due to this. We hope that you partake, and in the process possibly win some kick-ass gear from Crate Club.