Charles “Sam” Faddis is a former CIA operations officer and national security commentator with extensive experience on the ground in the Near East and South Asia. He’s also one of the guys you’ll see on the intelligence edition of Inside the Team Room which we’re currently rolling out in segments on The Spec Ops Channel. Since Sam has written for the site, but hasn’t been on the podcast, I figured no better time than now to have him on.

On this episode, we get into some of the recent diplomatic relations happening with the U.S. and hostile nations. Sam’s analysis of President Trump’s strategies in dealing with Russia and North Korea are very insightful. It’s also interesting hearing Sam discuss these topics with the background he has, and how he certainly doesn’t echo a lot of the talking heads and so-called “experts” you’ll see on TV. Sam is also starting work on a book about where the U.S. stands in a post-9/11 world in preventing homeland terrorism. We get into that topic, and you’ll hear why he’s very cynical about our current homeland security strategies.

Sam has both authored and co-authored several books including “Beyond Repair: The Decline and Fall of the CIA,” and his next book — which is finished and will be out soon — deals with the invasion of Iraq. Visit him at and follow him on Twitter @RealSamFaddis, let him know how you liked his interview. In addition, we hope you check him out along with some other great SOFREP personalities on the Inside the Team Room available on The Spec Ops Channel. If you’re not already a member, we encourage you to become one. It’s up now, and if you’re enjoying the series, let us know. I also check your emails being sent to [email protected] on this episode; and as always, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @SOFREPRadio.