CJ Woodruff is best known as a fitness content creator, and he has some impressive credentials at that. Between creating The Fitness Trainer Academy, being a personal trainer himself, competing as a bodybuilder, and most recently becoming a spokesman for supplement company Primeval Labs, he knows the industry well. Before that, however, he served as a Marine in combat, and it was there that he discovered fitness as an outlet which kept him in a positive mind frame. He discusses all of this with me, as well as topics like which muscle building supplements are effective, and some more personal issues like his divorce and custody battle, and how this is rampant in the veteran community.

Beyond fitness content, however, he has a veteran podcast that is putting out some killer work. CJ along with G (G, best known for creating the popular veteran run apparel brand Zero Foxtrot,) host Zero Bunker. The guys have had some stellar guests on including our own John Stryker Meyer. Be sure to subscribe to CJ’s own Youtube channel, and you can find all of his social media on his website, CJWoodruff.me. I also give an update on SOFREP’s transition over to NEWSREP, and how it will affect the podcast, so don’t miss it.