Every job in the military has its negatives, but even with the high risk involved, many civilians look back on their lives wishing they’d served their country in some capacity. They often glamorize titles like sniper or medic, but I don’t think anyone would envy the title of Mortuary Affairs Marine. However, that is the job that was given to L. Christian Bussler, and many of the horrors serving in that position followed him after his military career, leading him to drink, and desiring a permanent end to his life. Needing a therapeutic outlet, at the advice of an older combat veteran, Chris started writing, eventually leading to his self-published memoir last year, “No Tougher Duty, No Greater Honor.”

The book documents Chris being raised in a military household, pursuing a career in the Marines, and the unexpected turn of events when the country went to war during his service. A lot of tragedy endures — as you could imagine — but as you hear him speak about in this interview, through the honor he had for the job, he finds a way to pay tribute to fellow service members that has continued to live on. A portion of the proceeds for the book and audiobook go to benefit great charities like EOD Warrior Foundation, Semper Fi Fund, and WWIA.