Jack Murphy is back in studio! He has been greatly missed by you in the audience, as well as myself. It got a little lonely without him, not gonna lie, but the Army Ranger, Green Beret, and Editor in Chief at NEWSREP is back in the states. We get into the changes with the site, and we also get a recap of Jack’s epic belated honeymoon and summer vacation. He visited Nepal with his wife and kid, followed by Italy, where Benni is still stuck and you’ll hear the story of why that is. He went hiking and got to experience some new destinations that were on his bucket list for several years. We discuss some hot topics including Colin Kaepernick being signed to Nike, as well as the New York Times op-ed that some are calling treasonous, titled “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.”

Our guest for this show is Jackie Gray. Jackie Gray is a former Army Medic who has more recently become the new Executive Director for Red Circle Foundation. We’ve discussed RCF on the show before, but it has been a while. He fills us in on the great work that they are doing to help out members of the special operations community. Some of these guys have been severely injured in combat, and RCF is helping in a way that, in some cases, TRICARE cannot. Be sure to donate to them, and help out these families. These people Jackie talks about have sacrificed a lot for our country, and they are now in a time of need. Enjoy this episode guys, and with Jack back, feel free to shoot over your usual special operations related questions to [email protected].