Many of you may know Sean Parnell from his first best-selling book “Outlaw Platoon.” That book details Sean’s time in Afghanistan commanding the Army’s 10th Mountain Division, and we get into some excellent stories about the brave men he served with as Sean joins us in studio for this hour. We talk about the disconnect between some of the Army leadership that is stationed in Bagram Air Base not seeing the same level of combat as the boots on the ground, which are experiencing the fight first hand.

Sean has a new book out and it’s actually a military thriller. It’s called “Man of War,” and it just hit shelves this week. We discuss the transition from fiction to nonfiction, and the inspiration behind the book’s protagonist Eric Steele. “Man of War” has received high praise from the likes of Lee Child and more, we hope that you pick it up. Sean has also given back to the community with his charity American Warrior Initiative helping men and women who serve in combat with important transition tools like finding housing once they come back home. We enjoyed having him on, and only hit the surface, so hopefully there will be a return appearance in the near future.