We are honored to be joined this episode by Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Mike Lampe, a man whom Jack Murphy describes as the grandfather of Air Force Special Operations. Mike’s military career began in the Army in 1968 during Vietnam, but not long after, he transferred to the Air Force where he spent the rest of his 30-years of decorated service. Mike has many accolades, awards, and served in many different capacities including his time as a Special Tactics Team Leader

On this episode, we get into the first half of Mike’s military career, but we plan on extending an invitation to do a second part because there was too much history to cover in one episode. In the second half of Mike’s military career he crossed paths with another legend in the community and favorite of the podcast, Sergeant Major Mike Vining. We look forward to hearing all about that eventually. Mike is currently involved in helping with the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

In addition to our featured interview, Jack Murphy reacts to a recent clip of Defense Secretary James Mattis giving a concise response regarding the concept of women in combat roles. Don’t miss this one!